A simple game engine developed on top of Pygame. It supports:

  • simple physics
  • camera management
  • players
  • different types of enemies
  • trapdoor triggers
  • steering
  • live object spawning
  • text boxes
  • buttons
    … and probably some more. Huge thanks to ciszko for contribution to the project!

enemies plaer and enemy

On top of the engine a simple game was built (main.py, l1.py, l2.py):

DING game tutorial

Game’s name is DING, an onomatopeia for a bouncing object - like a bullet. Basic mechanics is bouncing bullets off of walls to hit enemies. Sometimes you have to do this, because the enemy is completely out of reach. There is no friendly fire at the moment.

enemies picture-in-picture mode when shooting

There is a health bar and a stamina bar. Health bar can be topped up using found first aid kits. Stamina bar tops up in time and enables player to shoot bullets.

first aid kit

Code is available here. Thanks for visiting!